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World class patient care by Certified Physical Therapists.

Speck Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of foot and ankle problems and injuries.

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Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation

Our practice focuses on treating a wide range of foot ailments. We aim to get you back on your feet quickly with proven and effective treatment programs.

Flat Feet Treatment

The appearance and function of many cases of flat feet can be improved with a program of carefully selected stretching and strengthening exercises.

Gait Analysis and Training

The way we walk has a big influence on how we feel. Gait problems, like excessive pronation, can contribute to a number of injuries and painful problems.

Bunion Treatment

A bunion is a bump on the side of the great toe joint. This bump is from a deviation of the first metatarsal and often an overgrowth of the bone in that area.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Heel pain stopping you in your tracks? We can work with you to develop a program to lessen or resolve your symptoms and get you back on your feet again.

In Home Therapy Sessions

We bring concierge physical therapy services to you. We strive to make receiving specialized care as easy and convenient as possible.

Why choose Speck PT?

Speck Physical Therapy was founded on the principle of providing effective and evidenced based care to meet each individual’s unique needs and circumstances. We are passionate about helping people live a better and healthier life starting from the ground up.

Personalized treatment plans

Mobile visits to fit your lifestyle

One-on-one treatment sessions

Expert evaluation and instruction

No waiting or hassles